Googly Sound

Well, after having won 3 competitions with the 'iPhonograph' (see post) I moved on to something a bit funkier and built to represent a sense of quirky fun.

'Googly Sound' was created using old car horns (from a Indian taxi minus the rubber bulb which I have saved for another project - don't discard anything interesting!) and I have used it to play an iPhone and to amplify a guitar. It works!  The guitar amplified through 'Googly Sound' was quite sufficient but just to increase the power I used a DI box which made for less distortion.

Here is what it looks like, an alien!

For those of you interested in how I made it, have a look at this instructable:  Googly Sound.

This is what it sounds like, I am playing an excerpt from a Indian-Middle Eastern inspired song composed by Rebecca Kypri-Inacio and lyrics by Lisa D Sampson.  The song is called 'Anti-Bacterial Personality' and is slated to be released as part of an original musical soundtrack by the team.

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