An iPhonograph for Charity

I was asked if I could donate an iPhonograph to the NSW Cavalcade of History and Fashion charity in order to raise some much needed funds for their annual raffle.  I chose to create this more modern version (compared to my previous iPhonograph). It was then offered as their 1st prize in their biggest fundraising event on their calendar this year – their 50th Anniversary Fashion Parade.  

The NSW Cavalcade of Fashion events raise money to preserve clothing and related wearable pieces of past eras. Clothing and accessories provide unique clues to our social history and these are items which have only started to be collected in significant quantities during the 20th and 21st centuries. As you would expect, clothing of the upper classes, wedding attire and theatrical costumes have been comparatively better collected by both institutions and private individuals but it is the street clothes of the middle and working classes which have been largely discarded.  Yet, the style and function of clothing of all classes of folk give us invaluable information about how societies functioned and how people interacted in the past.  

Here is a link to NSW Cavalcade of History and Fashion.

Consider supporting either the NSW Cavalcade of Fashion or a clothing preservation society local to you. After all, as Steampunks, we are mightily inspired by the fashions of bygone eras so it behoves us to be part of the move to preserve that legacy for our own clothing and cosplay inspiration!

She's a beauty and has an input for a microphone (with it's own separate volume control) and you can control the Treble, Bass and Volume.  This baby has 50 watts of sound and what a SOUND!!  You can plug in your iPhone, iPad and/or iPod into the cradle or any audio device through the microphone input.  It will also charge your devices.

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